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Coupe de Crevettes Côtes D’Azur

French Riviera style prawns on a bed of continental lettuce, complimented with a Marie Rose Sauce.



Coquille St Jacques Gratinée

Scallops prepared in a white wine sauce and furnished with the Chef’s special Gratin sauce.



Moules Mariniere

Fresh Mussels cooked in a white wine sauce, tomato, celery and fresh parsley. 




Fried whitebait on a bed of fresh lettuce with lemon.



Homard à l'Américaine

Lobster cooked in a fish stock, flamed in cognac, tomatoes and fine herbs. Price on the day.


Truites aux Amandes

Trouts with almonds.




Raw salmon marinated in tarragon, chervil and olive oil.




Grilled pageot in maitre d’hotel sauce.


Cuisse de Grenouille

Frogs legs cooked in creamy champagne sauce. 

£ 8.00


Garlic Sausage

French garlic sausage served with Madeira sauce.



Escargots de Bourgogne

Snails cooked in white wine, garlic butter, and spices.



Avoca de Cannes

Avocado served with a chicken, fruit, and mayonnaise sauce.



Avocado with Prawns



Melon Served with Port

£ 8.00


Champignons de Paris à l'Ail

Selected button mushrooms, tossed in garlic butter and flamed with pernod.



Salad Nicoise

Freshly made salad with tuna, egg, and tomato, served with fresh vinaigrette.



Potage de Jour

The chefs homemade soup, prepared daily.



Pizza garlic bread 

£7.00 (or £9 with cheese)

Main Courses


Served with freshly cooked vegetables


Medallion of Pork

Fillet of Pork sauteed in olive oil, white wine, peppers, mushrooms, and cream. £20.50


Saddle of Lamb

Roast lamb with paprika, served with a cream sauce.



Entrecôte Provençale

Fine sirloin steak cooked in delicious tomato sauce, wine and garlic.  



Entrecote Diane

Sirloin steak, flattened and cooked with finely chopped onions and mushrooms flambeed in brandy, red wine and finished with cream.



Entrecote Louis XIV

Fine fillet steak with blue stilton, topped with king prawns and finished with Madeira sauce.



Saddle of Hare

Freshly roasted hare in Madeira sauce.



Fillet en Croute

A fIllet steak cooked to your liking, wrapped in puff pastry with Madeira sauce. £26.50


Steak Tartare

Raw mince steak prepared to your liking with the following: capers, gherkins, peppers, onions, mushrooms, and mustard.


Fillet Aux Trois Poivres

Fillet steak prepared with a selection of three different peppers flambeed in red wine, brandy, and finished with cream.



Grilled steak

Fine tender sirloin steak served with fried tomatoes, mushrooms, onions, and french fries.



Tournedos Rossini

Succulent fillet steak cooked in fine red wine, served on a crouton, topped with pate, and complemented with madeira sauce.



Julianne de Bouef

Tender strips of fillet with mushrooms flambeed in red wine, brandy, and cream, then served on a bed of rice.



Veal a la Creme

Scallops of veal served in a delicious creamy sauce with mushrooms.



Fillet Diplomate

Fine fillet steak with blue stilton, topped with fresh crab and served with Madeira sauce and crab claws.



Chicken A La Creme

Chicken cooked in a creamy white wine and mushroom sauce.



Gibier de Bordelaise

A selection of game-pheasant guinea fowl, quail, and wood pigeon in red wine and mushroom sauce.



Canard a L’Orange

Duck flambeed in brandy and cooked in a delicious orange sauce.



Poussin De Dijon

Baby chicken cooked in Dijon mustard and white wine.



Chicken Escargots

Chicken breast in a white wine and cream sauce with snails.



Homard À l'Américaine 

Lobster cooked in a fish stock, flambeed in cognac, tomatoes, and fine herbs.

Price on the day.



Grilled pageot in Maitre d’Hotel sauce.




Lightly Grilled with salad or cooked in Béarnaise sauce.



Lemon Sole

Grilled or served in Bearnaise sauce.



Sea Bream

Cooked in fish stock and served in a creamy parsley sauce.



Lotte Aurore

Monkfish cooked with white wine, tomato, and cream sauce.




Served with a Hollandaise sauce.



Turbot Mornay

Freshly cut Halibut steak, served with delicious cheesy mornay sauce.



Mullet en Papillote

Red Mullet topped with ham, and baked in a tasty piquant sauce.



Suprême de Saumon aux Petits Crevettes

Scotch Salmon poached in pink champagne, served with Hollandaise sauce or coated with a delicious meunière sauce, and garnished with baby prawns.



Saumon Parisienne

Fresh poached Salmon in a creamy anchovy sauce



Fried Scampi

Tasty scampi in breadcrumbs, served with shredded lettuce and french fries.



Brochettes de Fruit de Mer

Scallops, Prawns, Salmon, and Bacon on brochettes, served with a white wine sauce.



Gambas à La Marseilles

Shelled king prawns, cooked in a fish stock, flambeed in cognac, tomatoes, and fine herbs.



Langoustines à l’Ail au Provençal 

King prawns with a garlic or Provencal sauce.


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